VR toon “The Tide” hits the wire on March 27

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On March 27, Dexter Studio Co., Ltd. and Naver Webtoon Corp., released VT toon “The Tide,” a co-production between Dexter Studio and Naver Webtoon Corp, on Steam, the largest online gaming platform in the world.
VR toon “The Tide” is based on “The Tide” web-toon series by famous webtoon author Jo Seok. Dexter Studio used its proprietary VR technology to reproduce “The Tide” into a VR toon format. Users can become the lead character in a VR world, and enjoy the story by turning pages similar to conventional web-toon series. VR toon “The Tide” features six episodes, with each episode offering interactive options designed to help users immerse themselves further into the story. Available in Korean and English, users can enjoy VR toon “The Tide” with Head Mounted Displays developed for PCs such as the HTC VIVE series, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Odyssey.
VR toon “The Tide” is an internationally acclaimed series. It was the only Korean production invited to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Critics have praised “The Tide” for its VR experience and quality of the plotline. With its release on Steam, Dexter Studio and Naver Webtoon Corp. expect VT toon “The Tide” to enjoy great success not only in Korea, but also overseas.
In particular, mini-game “The Tide Intro,” which was released last month leading up to the official release of the main episodes, reeled in a significant number of views in a short period of time, a positive indicator for the main episodes. Following its launch on Steam, VR toon “The Tide” will be released in the Oculus Store and PlayStation Store (PSVR) this year with further updates to make the series compatible with all-in-one HMDs, such as the Oculus Quest, and a variety of other hardware options.
Meanwhile, Dexter Studio previously produced VR content for a variety of genres, including “White Rabbit,” “Help Me,” “From the Earth,” “The Tide,” the VR version of “Along with the Gods – Escaping Help.” Moving forward, Dexter Studio is expected to release the “Along with the Gods VR – Escape Room” (tentative title) co-produced with SKonec Entertainment.

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