“The Tide” headed to the 35th Sundance Film Festival… The only Korean production to receive an official invitation

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VR TOON “The Tide,” co-produced by Dexter Studio and Naver Webtoon, received an official invitation to “New Frontier” category at the 35th Sundance Film Festival.
Co-produced by Dexter Studio and Naver Webtoon, VR TOON “The Tide” received an official invitation to the “New Frontier” category at the 35th Sundance Film Festival in Utah, USA, which gets under way between January 24 and February 3, 2019.
Based on the popular web-toon by Jo Seok (same title), “The Tide” is the second VR TOON project led by Dexter Studio (Dexter Studio previously produced the VR TOON “Help Me”). It combines the plot lines and narratives described in the original web-soon with VR technology to tell the story of giant new forms of fish and humans fighting for survival after the downfall of human civilization.
The Sundance Film Festival opened the “New Frontier” category for productions expected to lead global trends in storytelling with cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR, MR, and AI to provide a platform on which artists can showcase independent and experimental cross-media pieces to film industry stakeholders every year.
VR TOON “The Tide” was officially invited to the New Frontier category. Out of the six episodes in the series, episodes one and two will be on offer at the Festival. Of the nine films to be screened at the VR Cinema, VR TOON “The Tide” is the only Korean production. “The Tide” will become the second new media piece from Korea to participate in the Sundance Film Festival, following the footsteps of “Eyes in the Red Wind,” a cinematic VR production from Korea which was invited to the Sundance Film Festival last year. Domestically, “The Tide” has already enjoyed great success at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival and the 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Recognition on the global stage, however, is expected add more prestige to “The Tide.” Film industry insiders are looking forward to the reaction to “The Tide” after it airs at the Sundance Film Festival.
Currently, Dexter is a leader in creating the best ecosystem for the media content market. It produces and supplies its unique content with storytelling-type elements that stand out against competing VR gaming content, which users may be more familiar with.
In addition to producing the first two episodes of VR TOON “The Tide” based on the original web-toon by Jo Seok, Dexter has successfully created “White Rabbit” (CINEMATIC VR program), “Help Me” (VR TOON program), and “From the Earth” (VR ANIMATION program). It has also developed programs for offline (brick-and-mortar) platforms such as the “VR STATION” by Hyundai IT&E, “V BUSTERS” at CGV Yongsan iPark Mall, “VRIGHT” by KT-GS Retail, and “Virtual Island” operated by Hongbin Network, as well as programs for online gaming platforms such as STEAM.

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