The stairs leading down to Ki-taek’s home in “Parasite”… That was CG?

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“Whenever Director Bong Joon-ho tells people the fact that his movie ‘Parasite’ features 500 or so VFX scenes, they all look so surprised. In particular, it stuns foreigners. That’s why we’ve been joking that we used ‘Invisible VFX’ in ‘Parasite.” (Hong Jeong-ho, Supervisor at Dexter Studio)
Dexter Studio’s VFX technology has recently garnered plenty of attention thanks to Director Bong Joon-ho’s comedy-thriller “Parasite” winning four Academy Awards. On February 13, Dexter Studio traded at KRW 9,790 on the KOSDAQ market, up 21.77% from the previous trading day, continuing its strong performance since Parasite’s success at the Oscars.
Parasite won four categories at the 92nd Academy Awards, including the prestigious Best Picture Award, Best Director’s Award, and Best International Feature Film. Although it did not win the Best Production Design and Best Film Editing Awards, Parasite became the first Korean feature film to receive nominations in the two categories, reflecting the quality of the film’s design and editing.
Dexter Studio’s VFX Team used CG to connect different production sets used in Parasite seamlessly to make them appear like a single location. It took more than 200 VFX personnel at Dexter Studio four months to perfect the CG elements of Parasite.
Examples include the Park’s luxurious home, which was 100% a production set (both inside and outside the house) built exclusively for Parasite. The design was based on the exterior of other famous buildings, and the outer facade was build using set materials. CG was relied upon heavily when different set pieces had to be connected to create a seamless shot. Ki-taek’s home and Park’s home are both made to look like complete homes, rather than production sets divided into smaller segments thanks to the power of CG.
In particular, the route Ki-taek and his children take to get home in the rain features several CG elements. They walk down the road in Seongbuk-dong, pass through the Jahamun Gate tunnel, then Ki-jung and Ki-woo have an argument near the Dodakdari Bridge in Huam-dong.

This entire sequence, however, was filmed in entirely different locations. The production set created for the area surrounding Park’s home was in Jeonju-si. The garage attached to Park’s home was in a different location. But CG made them appear as if the two set pieces were part of the same home. The garden where Da-song (played by Jeong Hyeon-joon, Park’s (played by Lee Sun-kyun) son, pitched his tent to sleep in, was also a set piece created by the Art Team.
With Parasite on its resume, Dexter Studio is expected to push its business into Hollywood in the near future. With CJ ENM, Dexter Studio’s second-largest shareholder, looking to partner up with Hollywood production companies, Dexter Studio is looking forward to exporting its VFX technology to North America.
Previously, on February 11, CJ ENM announced its decision to invest KRW 5 billion to acquire an equity stake in Dexter Studio. Dexter Studio and CJ ENM have enjoyed a productive relationship so far. Most recently, it worked on the “Arthdal Chronicles” produced by CJ ENM as a VFX provider.

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