Producer of “Along with the Gods,” Dexter Studio, presents research paper on SIGGRAPH Asia

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SIGGRAPH Asia selects research paper submitted by visual special effects (VFX) and content provider Dexter Studio.

On November 21, Dexter Studio announced its successful presentation of a research paper submitted to the Technical Briefs category of SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 hosted in Brisbane, Australia.


Launched back in 2008, SIGGRAPH Asia is the Asian version of the world’s largest annual conference on computer graphics, SIGGRAPH. It is a major international event attended by thousands of experts in the field of VFX every year.

The Technical Briefs category, which Dexter Studio submitted its research paper this year, receives papers from various computer graphics companies from around the world. SIGGRAPH Asia then reviews and selects a handful of papers and gives the authors a chance to present their papers at the annual conference. Given the fact that top Hollywood companies such as ILM, Weta, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Sony frequently submit their papers in the Technical Briefs category, the level of competition is extremely high. Thus, being selected for presentation is considered a top honor in the industry.

Dexter Studio submitted a summary of its immersion-enhancing technology, which Dexter developed while working on its theme park project in China, to SIGGRAPH Asia this year. Dexter Studio, whose main business revolves around VFX, is recently expanding its business to new media fields such as VR/AR and theme parks. As such, the selection of its paper at SIGGRAPH Asia is expected to give Dexter a chance to have its technology and expertise acknowledged by clients around the world, and give the company an opportunity to build more confidence as it looks to expand more aggressively into new lines of business.

Meanwhile, Dexter Studio previously presented research papers at DigiPro in 2013 and SIGGRAPH in 2017. To date, it remains the only Korean company that has submitted and presented research papers to an open competition category at an international conference for CG and VFX. With its latest achievement at SIGGRAPH Asia, Dexter Studio joins a short list of companies to have successfully presented their research papers at all three major international conferences for GC and VFX.

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