Human Scan Solution is in-house hardware and software independently developed by Dexter Studios.

Efficient and accurate data acquisition is very important for creating digital human characters.Dexter Studios has developed its own facial scanning hardware and software based on photogrammetry. You can see the first version of the facial scanning system, “Light Sphere,” in the figure above.

LED lights & DSLR

· First, the face of an actor is lit under LED light sources that are mounted on a hemispherical dome and is captured by cameras from various viewpoints.
· A chair with headrest was built for keeping the head in place.

FACS Target Model Scan

· To create a digital human, we need not only the neutral expression but also other various facial expressions called FACS(Facial Action Coding System) targets.
· It takes somewhat of a long time to capture FACS targets, which may exhaust the actor.
· Thus there is ongoing effort to minimize duration of capture through an evaluation of the most efficient light setup and expression palette.

New Facial Scan Rig

· A new facial scanning system is shown in the figure above.
· It has a cylindrical shape to overcome the shortcomings of its predecessor Light Sphere.
· It allows for retrieval of higher quality data than that acquired by Light Sphere.
· Dexter Studios continues its relentless endeavors to create photorealistic digital human characters for virtual reality.