Netflix announces long-term partnership with Dexter Studio and Livetone to strengthen post-production collaboration

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Netflix, a world-class entertainment streaming service, signed a two-year partnership deal with Dexter Studio, a company specializing in visual effects (VFX) and content, and Livetone, a subsidiary of Dexter Studio. Based on this partnership agreement, the streaming giant will work with various players in the Korean creative ecosystem to promote the shared growth of related industries.

Leveraging their expertise, Dexter Studio and Livetone led the post-production process for a number of Netflix series and movies, including

At the moment, Netflix is engaged in various activities aimed at fostering mutual growth with the Korean creative ecosystem. In particular, post-production plays a crucial role in fully realizing the creator’s intentions and providing a richer and more realistic entertainment experience. Therefore, various activities are being carried out (at Netflix) to grow together with the Korean content industry, such as creating a dedicated team of experts for content post-production at its Seoul office.

In November of last year, Netflix hosted a webinar at its Seoul office with the creators of the Kingdom series to highlight the post-production work in content production for university students and industry professionals looking to specialize in content. In addition, Netflix hosts webinars regularly to share the latest editing workflows and efficient editing processes with Korean creators and Hollywood industry experts. Earlier this year, in June, Netflix also announced plans to open the world’s first post-production studio in Mumbai, India, with more than 40 editing rooms for directors, editors, and sound designers.

Netflix post-production director Ha Jung-soo said, “The reason why Korean content produced and released by Netflix has been able to impress audiences from all over the world is because it works with domestic partners all of whom possess outstanding expertise in each field, and because it focuses on perfecting every little detail of its productions.” He added, “Based on this partnership, we hope to further expand our cooperation with Korean creators and to leverage the global success of Korean content and raise the status of Korea’s creative ecosystem.”

From 2016 to 2020, Netflix invested more than KRW 770 billion to release 80 or so Korean-based content to the world in the form of Netflix series and movies, continuing its commitment in promoting the outstanding capabilities of the Korean creative ecosystem. Netflix also plans to invest roughly KRW 550 billion in Korean content in 2021, and continue to deliver top-quality content available only on Netflix across a variety of genres, including action, thriller, sci-fi, stand-up comedy, and sitcoms.

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