LGU+ recreates endangered animals using immersive AR technology with Dexter Studio

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LGU+ is looking to produce new content that features 40 endangered animal species and animals that star in movies using 4K immersive augmented reality (AR) technology. LGU+, along with Dexter Studio, was selected as a vendor for the “National Project to Promote Shared Growth between Large, Medium, and Small Digital Content Corporations in 2019” supervised by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). On June 18, it announced plans to develop and release AR content focusing on endangered animals via its 5G network to help the general public become more familiar with AR technology. Once LGU+ releases its new AR content, viewers will be able to use the U+ AR app to rotate 3D renderings of animals 360 degrees or place them in everyday locations. In addition, users will be free to take videos and photos, then share them on their social media accounts. Moving forward, both companies will produce high-quality content that can be used with AR glasses and holographic devices. “We want to take 3D digital content featured in movies and help consumers enjoy them in their daily lives with AR technology. That’s why we’re going to launch new AR technology and content usable on 5G smartphones. We expect AR content to become our ‘killer content’ among family users,” said Kim Min-goo, the AR Service Manager at LGU+.

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