Dexter Studio’s VR furniture platform “Howser” secures first B2B sales

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Expert visual effects (VFX) vendor Dexter Studio generated its first sales through its virtual reality (VR) project designed for furniture companies. It marks the first tangible return Dexter Studio has produced outside its existing portfolio of VFX projects. On October 2, Dexter Studio reported that its new subsidiary, “Howser,” successfully secured its first client via its primary business model. Howser is a start-up company created last year that features Dexter Studio as its sole shareholder. It offers a furniture platform that combines VR with ultra-high quality full computer graphics to create virtual spaces for furniture companies. Using Howser’s furniture platform, companies can place and install their furniture products, wallpapers, and flooring materials in 3D inside a virtually created space. An official at Howser explained, “Using Dexter Studio’s original technology, we’ve created our primary business model (B2B model) to engage interior design and construction companies as clients. We’re happy we successfully generated revenue using our primary model.” Currently, the interior furniture market is estimated at around KRW 4 trillion, and the generic brand furniture market, which is Howser’s main target, is estimated at KRW 3.2 trillion. Meanwhile, the logistics market related to delivery of interior and furniture products is estimated at KRW 300 billion. Howser aims to provide integrated operating solutions to companies through its furniture platform, and supply customers with information, experiences, and evaluation criteria related to interior and furniture products that can help them make smart purchasing decisions. Its long-term goal is to build an infrastructure for the interior and furniture market that connects businesses and customers with its 3D spatial platform and marketing initiatives. Ultimately, Howser will look to expand its business and offer a C2C (consumer-to-consumer) portal with its own independent VR ecosystem. An official from Howser said, “We want to build an ultra-high-definition virtual reality platform that is distinctly different from other existing platforms by combining the hardware scanner technology available at Dexter Studio with in-house software development technology, and VR interactive technology. We also plan to open a web portal service for VR interior applications that allows consumers to experience Dexter Studio’s ultra-high definition VR technology.” Aside from its work through Howser, Dexter Studio continues to bolster its VR content business. Dexter Studio’s first piece of VR content, “White Rabbit,” is a VR cinema adventure based on Louise Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” It was showcased at the “VR Summit” in June and the “Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival” in July. Dexter Studio is also negotiating with other VR-related events for further opportunities to demonstrate its VR technology.

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