Dexter Studio’s first collaboration with Alibaba in China proves to be a winner

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“Once Upon a Time,” featuring Dexter Studio as the main VFX vendor, records CNY 438.35 million (approximately KRW 73.3 billion) during opening week in China
“Once Upon a Time,” a major Chinese motion picture featuring Dexter Studio (CEO: Kim Yong-hwa) as its main VFX vendor, earned CNY 438.35 million (approximately KRW 73.3 billion) during opening week after premiering in local theaters on August 3.
The Chinese title for “Once Upon a Time” refers to “peach blossoms blooming ten kilometers over three live times.” It tells the love story of one couple that stretches three different lifetimes. Based a million-seller Chinese novel, “Once Upon a Time” was previously produced as a television series that became the best series this year in China with more than 40 billion cumulative views.
An official at Dexter said, “Once Upon a Time is the first Chinese film produced by Alibaba Pictures in China. They had extremely high standards in terms of the final quality of the film, and that’s why they wanted to work with Dexter Studio from the early stages of their production. The success of Once Upon a Time in China is extremely important to Dexter Studio, as it means that we’ve potentially secured another reliable partner in China.”
Dexter Studio, which has worked as a VFX vendor for Chinese box office hits such as the “Monkey King” series, “Kung Fu Yoga,” and “Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back” is expanding the scope of its businesses in China based on its partnerships with major production companies. Alpha Group invested in “Along with the Gods,” a motion picture invested and produced by Dexter Studio (release expected this December), and Wanda Group is working with Dexter Studio on a theme park project that will feature new media in its attractions.
The official at Dexter said, “Having plenty of Chinese films on our resume now has made it much easier for us to discuss the development of new content or explore opportunities to expand our business into sectors involving new media content with companies in China. In other words, most of our clients in China have, at one point or another, seen a movie featuring VFX done by Dexter Studio. At the moment, we’re working on a project with Wanda Group to produce new media content for its theme parks. Moving forward, the second leg of our business in China will revolve around the production of video content, and not just cinematography.”

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