Dexter Studio wins the Best Visual Effects Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards with “Monkey King 2”

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On April 9 (Sun), Dexter Studio (CEO: Kim Yong-hwa) won the Best Visual Effects Award at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards hosted in Hong Kong with “Monkey King 2”, which featured Dexter Studio as the main VFX vendor.
First held in 1982, the Hong Kong Film Awards is regarded as one of the three most prestigious cinematography awards in the Greater Chinese region, along with the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan and the Golden Rooster Award in China.
“Monkey King 2” is a combination of brilliant action with vivid visual effects, and it is ranked no. 8 on the all-time box office leader board in China with a total profit of CNY 1.2 billion (approximately KRW 195.3 billion). Dexter Studio, which previously worked on “Monkey King 1”, continued its partnership with the Monkey King franchise with its VFX work on “Monkey King 2”. Thanks to the popularity of the franchise, Dexter Studio has been able to achieve box office success and bolster its reputation as a leader in VFX technology.
An official at Dexter Studio said, “Dexter Studio has been awarded visual effects awards at the prestigious film festivals in Asia thanks to works like ‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon’, ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’, and ‘Monkey King’. We are very proud of the fact that Dexter Studio’s technology continues to gain recognition in the industry with our latest award for ‘Monkey King 2’ at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Of course, we would like to give credit to the production teams that worked with us on ‘Monkey King 2’ in China.”
The official added, “At the moment, the relationship between Korea and China remains frosty due to issues surrounding the deployment of THAAD, but Dexter Studio hasn’t had any issues securing contracts given the fact that VFX work necessitates sophisticated technology and reliable long-term relationships. Following our work on ‘Monkey King 2’, we signed another VFX contract worth approximately KRW 7.7 billion for ‘Monkey King 3’. We’re very busy working on the latter stages of that project as well”.

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