Dexter Studio to supply next-generation immersive content work KRW 5.5 billion for Wanda Group’s theme parks in China

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Dexter Studio to expand its theme park-related business with Wanda theme parks outside Guangzhou and Evergrande Group’s new theme park in China
Visual effects (VFX) and content company Dexter Studio signed a new contract involving Dalian Wanda Group’s new theme park (Wanda City). Wanda Group is China’s largest real estate conglomerate. On August 25, Dexter Studio announced that it will supply immersive content for major attractions worth USD 4.91 million (approximately KRW 5.5 billion) for Wanda Group’s theme park in Guangzhou. In particular, Dexter Studio’s “Flying Theater” is a next-generation immersive content that allows visitors sitting in a specially designed large flying chair to enjoy the sights from different regions across China as if they were on board a real aircraft. Dexter Studio will oversee the planning of content, filming of aerial sources videos, production of sound elements, development of video concepts, then combine everything together to produce the final product using ultra-high quality full CG.

An official at Dexter Studio said, “Over the past few years, Dexter Studio has focused on the movie industry and on establishing a secure position in the Chinese VFX market. This contract is particularly meaningful to us in that it does not involve a motion picture. It focuses on VR for a theme park. We believe Wanda’s theme park in Guangzhou is just the beginning. We’re negotiating with Wanda to work on its theme parks in other regions, and we’re also fine-tuning some details regarding a new theme park the Evergrande Group is looking to open in the future.”

In recent years, Chinese households are increasing their spending on leisure activities every year as their disposable income continues to grow. That is one of the reasons why the theme park industry has rapidly emerged as a next-generation growth engine for corporations in China. As the leader of the theme park industry, the Wanda Group is currently building or planning theme parks across all of China, including Guangzhou, Xishuangbanna, Harbin, Hefei, Nanchang, and Wuxi. By 2020, it hopes to open 15 theme parks. Another official at Dexter Studio said, “At the moment, we’re diversifying our revenue portfolio to include the new media industry using our VFX technologies. We’re developing new VR-based content for cinemas, we’re working on our new “Howser” project, which combines IT and VR technology, and we’re working on next-generation theme parks. Like the terms of our theme park contract with Wanda suggests, we want to become a one-stop vendor capable of planning new content, providing the technology required in developing new content, and actually producing the required content moving forward.”

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