Dexter Studio to produce an animated version of “Along with the Gods” in China

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On February 4, Dexter Studios signed a production agreement with QC Media, one of its Chinese partner companies, to remake an animated version of the movie “Along with the Gods.”
An official from Dexter Studio said, “QC Media, known in Korea as the distributor for ‘Along with the Gods’ in China, viewed ‘Along with the Gods’ as an excellent piece of intellectual property and a one-source-multi-use product with the potential to be adopted into various forms of content in China. In fact, QC Media has been negotiating with Dexter Studio to use some of our IPs in China.”
Dexter Studio also highlighted the rapid growth of the Chinese animation/cartoons market. It plans to create a new joint business model between Korea and China by producing the animated version of “Along with the Gods.”
As of 2019, the Chinese animation/cartoons market (productions released in theaters) is estimated at approximately CNY 6.979 billion (approximately KRW 1.1796 trillion), accounting for 18.91% of the total box office in China. “Ne Zha,” which premiered last year, earned CNY 5 billion (approximately KRW 840 billion) in theater gate receipts.
The Dexter Studio official added, “More and more people are expecting the Chinese government to lift its restrictions on Korean companies and products in the near future. With our recent agreement to remake ‘Along with the Gods’ as an animated feature in China, Dexter Studio expects to find more business opportunities in China.”

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