Dexter Studio signs MOU with Bibimble… Bolsters its competitiveness in the metaverse market

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Visual effects (VFX) and content company Dexter Studio (CEO: Kim Wook, Kang Jong-ik) signed a strategic business agreement with Bibimble (CEO: Yoo Mi-ran), a company specializing in XR content, to strengthen its competitiveness in the realm of metaverse technology.

Dexter Studio CEO Kang Jong-ik, Bibimble CEO Yoo Mi-ran, Dexter Studio CEO Kim Wook (from the far left)

Dexter Studio announced on August 5 that it had signed an MOU with Bibimble at its headquarters in Sangam-dong, Seoul, on the previous day (afternoon) for research and development of Metaverse (a compound word that combines ‘meta,’ which means ‘processed’ or ‘abstract,’ ‘universe,’ which means the ‘real world’) technology, and development of an open world.

Dexter Studio is an all-in-one comprehensive content company specializing in content planning, shooting/filming, production, and post-production. In particular, it has steadily played a part in the production of realistic content using its Unreal Engine and Unity programs, and it has worked with private companies and on government service projects.

To date, Dexter Studio has produced VR-based content such as the , , , , , , and <Yumi’s Cells>. Other major AR content produced by Dexter Studio includes LGU+ 5G AR content, SKT 5G AR content, and immersive content for the Daejeon Sodaeheon heritage (Cultural Heritage Administration).

Meanwhile, Bibimble is a company specializing in XR content that has transformed the exhibition market by developing an exhibition-based metaverse called “Vibe Tech Real Platform” using the Unreal Engine. Moreover, Bibimble is pioneering various fields by developing interactive holographic performances, holographic rhythm games, and digital humans powered by artificial intelligence.

With this latest MOU, Dexter Studio and Bibimble plan to jointly develop 3D characters similar to real people, produce and optimize 3D characters and environments, and jointly develop online motion capture synchronization technology to be used on applicable platforms.

In developing the new technology, both companies will focus on hyper-realism graphics. The 3D characters created as a result of this MOU initiative will be used in XR home shopping programs, conferences, lectures, and K-pop performances moving forward.

Dexter Studio CEOs Kim Wook and Kang Jong-ik said, “Dexter Studio has been steadily involved in the production of immersive content in addition to its VFX business, which is its main field.” They added, “Now that we have signed an MOU with Bibimble, which owns original metaverse technology, we will do our best to expand our horizons, and become a leading company in the metaverse market.”

Bibimble CEO Yoo Mi-ran said, “Most people want a realistic metaverse.” She added, “We will provide a whole new experience that has never been seen or felt before using a hyper-realism metaverse created in tandem with Dexter Studio, which possesses the best computer graphics technology in Asia.”

Meanwhile, Dexter Studio unveiled its fifth production, “Escape from Mogadishu,” on July 28. Escape from Mogadishu depicts the daring escape of people isolated in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, due to the civil war that broke out in the 1990s. It passed 1 million cumulative viewers in just seven days of its release, setting the highest box office record among Korean films released this year.

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