Dexter Studio showcases top-quality 3D technology in Chinese movie “Death Duel”

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Visual effects (VFX) company Dexter Studio (CEO: Kim Yong-hwa) announced on December 2 that it will showcase its advanced 3D VFX technology with Chinese movie “Death Duel”.

Movie “Death Duel” is based on the popular novel written by renowned Taiwanese author Gu Long, which has been remade multiple times into feature films and television serials in China. This latest rendition of the “Death Duel” featuring VFX technology from Dexter Studio is a 3D romantic martial arts masterpiece, produced by director Tsui Hark and directed by famous actor and director Derek Lee.

An official at Dexter Studio said, “We have already worked with director Tsui Hark on several directors, including ‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon’. Although other industries have been affected by the Chinese government’s decision to restrict business between China and Korea, VFX has not been an issue given the fact that it relies so heavily on technical expertise”.

This year alone, Dexter Studio has worked on a variety of Chinese films such as “The Weasel Grave 2”, “Monkey King 3”, and “Once Upon a Time”. Dexter Studio’s work with Chinese movie productions is expected to continue next year, led by the “Kung Fu Yoga”, starring Jackie Chan and “Journey to the West: Demon Chapter” directed by Tsui Hark.

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