Dexter Studio reels in KRW 14.4 billion worth of orders in April… 55.29% of its total revenue last year

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On May 2, Visual effects (VFX) company Dexter Studio announced that it had secured KRW 14.4 billion in orders throughout the month of April.
Dexter Studio signed on as a VFX vendor for movies “The Weasel Grave 1 and 2” (USD 9.29 million or KRW 10.6 billion) and “Once Upon a Time” (USD 3.3 million, KRW 3.8 billion). KRW 14.4 billion in orders is equivalent to 55.29% of Dexter Studio’s total sales last year.
Production for the first and second installments of “The Weasel Grave,” which is based on a popular fantasy novel in China, is expected to proceed concurrently. It depicts bizarre experiences the protagonist goes through while traveling across the entire country of China. Dexter Studio will use its technology to produce various characters such as wolves, insects, and monsters.
An official at Dexter Studio said, “We’ve been receiving more and more orders thanks to the success of ‘Monkey King 1 and 2’ and ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain,’ both of which Dexter Studio worked on as a VFX vendor. We’ve realized that the Chinese film making industry and its trends have a lot in common with the references and R&D efforts we’ve been doing at Dexter Studio.”

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