Dexter Studio receives CNY 15 million in investment from Alpha Pictures for “Along with the Gods”

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“Dexter Studio to enter the Chinese content market and additional copyrights business”
Dexter Studio announced December 19 that it successfully secured CY 15 million (approximately KRW 2.55 billion) in investment from Alpha Pictures, a subsidiary of Alpha Group in China, for motion picture “Along with the Gods.”
Alpha Pictures is a subsidiary of Alpha Group, China’s largest animation and toy company. Previously, it invested and distributed major motion picture “The Revenant,” and also invested in “The Mermaid” and “Assassin’s Creed.”
With its investment, Alpha Pictures will acquire a stake in “Along with the Gods,” earn the rights to distribute the movie in China as well as the Greater China region, and work with Dexter Studio in exploring secondary business opportunities using IP related to “Along with the Gods.” Investment from Alpha Pictures is a significant step forward for Dexter Studio, as it now has a reliable partner to help release “Along with the Gods” in China.
“All of Alpha Picture’s executives were impressed after reading the scenario, which “Along with the Gods” was based on. We believe this movie can succeed not only in Korea and China, but also on the global stage. We will work with Dexter Studio to make sure it develops the right IP, utilizes the right visual effects (VFX) technology, and secures a steady foot hole in the Chinese market moving forward,” said Chen De Rong, CEO of Alpha Pictures.
Dexter Studio CEO Kim Yong-hwa said, “This investment from Alpha Pictures is incredibly significant for Dexter Studio in terms of pushing its VFX technology forward, and its ambitions to expand its business into the Chinese content market and additional copyrights business. Both companies are currently engaged in ongoing negotiations to launch a global project in the future.”
Meanwhile, Dexter Studio has been aggressively developing its content business using its own IP, in addition to its VFX work with major Chinese corporations, including Wanda, Alibaba, and Alpha Group.

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