Dexter Studio launches new “Howser” project to enter the VR market

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On December 5, Dexter Studio (CEO: Kim Yong-hwa) announced the launch of its first VR business with “Howser”.
“Howser” combines spatial renderings created with ultra-high quality full computer graphics (CG) based on visual effects (VFX) with virtual reality (VR) technology. It hopes to become a platform that allows users to use other existing furniture platforms linked to Howser and interior simulation programs to interact with VR spaces they have created themselves.
“VR is leading the new media industry at the moment, and there are many areas in which Dexter Studio can use its VFX technology to expand its business. By combining hardware scanner technology available at Dexter Studio, our own software development technology, and VR interaction technology, we will produce ultra-high-definition VR renderings that are distinctly different from existing platforms.” said an official at Dexter Studio.
Shim Joon-hyung, CEO of Howser, said, “The original technology owned by Dexter Studio has been proven both in the domestic market and international market. Since the end of last year, we’ve been working on modeling VR source technology with Dexter Studio, and over the year, we’ve made preparations for hardware and software-related R&D work that suits our business model. Dexter Studio remains in charge of developing the original technology, and Howser will create a profit model that delivers the original technology developed by Dexter Studio to businesses and consumers.” Shim previously served as the Vice President of Neowiz games and a Director at SK Planet.
Howser is a new company that features Dexter Studio as its sole shareholder. Through Howser, Dexter Studio hopes to begin its foray into new VR-related markets in earnest. In doing so, it will look to diversify its revenue model to cover not only VFX projects for films and videos, but also new media projects linked with VR and IT.
“The key to VR is creating something that closely mimics reality. Dexter Studio’s know-how, which helped the company develop source technology using digital human scanners and object scanners, will be the variable that sets us apart in terms of quality when compared to existing products on the market. Howser will begin working with a B2B business model during the primary stage of its development and work with furniture companies and interior companies in Korea using Dexter Studio’s source technology. Then, as business grows, it will expand into C2C portal businesses that features an independent ecosystem that utilizes VR technology.” said an official with Dexter Studio.

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