Dexter Studio helps develop LG V30’s “Cine Video” expert mode

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Dexter Studio, the largest visual effects (VFX) and video content vendor in Korea, announced on September 1, its role in sharing proprietary technology to help LG Electronics develop a new mode called “Cine Video” for its latest flagship smartphone “V30.” LG V30 was first unveiled on August 31 in Berlin, Germany.
Cine Video, which Dexter Studio helped develop, is the first mobile camera mode that allows the user to film video in the same way as a high-end camera used in film making. It gives the user the option to shoot a movie-like video in real-time using 15 different effects developed by video and cinematography experts. Videos can be filmed to look like a romantic comedy film, romance film, a thriller, and more.
An official at Dexter Studio said, “Our DI business division is equipped with the best technology in the country, and has worked on a number of box office hits in Korea such as the ‘Train to Busan,’ ‘The Age of Shadows,’ and ‘The Wailing.’ Using our technology we’ve helped create a new filming mode that allows users to shoot videos that closely resemble the look and feel of images from specific genres with the camera on their smartphone. Moving forward, we’re not going to limit ourselves to the film making industry. Our work with Wanda on its theme parks, projects to produce various VR content, and our recent collaboration with LG Electronics to develop new mobile technology is just the beginning. We will continue to diversify our business portfolio.”

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