Dexter Studio becomes a theme park content supplier for Evergrande Group in China… Signs contract worth KRW 6.2 billion

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Joanne K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, said, “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” LG Electronics named the flagship smartphone project (model: V30) to lead the brand during the second half of 2017 as “Joanne.” “We wanted the V30 to reflect Joanne’s imagination that captured the world,” said Kim Mi-gyeong, the project leader tasked with planning the strategies surrounding the V30 smartphone.
True to her word, the V30 brings magical features to our daily lives. If you open the camera app on the V30 and turn on “Cine Effect,” ordinary life becomes a movie. Cine Effect is a feature that allows you to adjust the color of any given scene so that your videos can look like certain genre films. In fact, Cine Effect offers 15 genre options, including romance and thriller movies. Anyone with a V30 can use their imagination to film a romantic comedy film like “Love Actually” or become the lead character of a crime thriller like “A Better Tomorrow.”
On September 14, the Cine Effect “Dream Team,” featuring smartphone and cinematography experts, gathered at Dexter Studio in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, for a meeting. Led by V30 project leader Kim, senior researchers Kang Seung-hwan and Goo Gyu-rim from LG Electronics, Director Kang Sang-woo and Team Manager Kwon Bo-geun from Dexter Studio discussed various aspects of the Cine Effect feature.
Recently, more and more people are cataloging their lives on SNS platforms such as Instagram, using not only photos, but also videos. “We noticed the fact that consumers want to present themselves in a more interesting and flattering light with videos. That’s why we decided to develop Cine Effect,” explained Kim.
In December last year, senior researcher Kang reached out to Dexter Studio for advice regarding Cine Effect’s development. “I reached out to what I believed was the best post-editing company in the cinema business, and Dexter Studio said they were more than happy to help,” Kang said. Cine Effect is different from adding color filters to a finished image on Instagram. For instance, buildings that were invisible due to glare from a window appear in the image when “thriller” mode is selected thanks to lower brightness and saturation settings. During the early stages of the project, Dexter Studio was not sure Cine Effect would succeed in the market. Team Manager Kwon said, “I wasn’t sure how a compact camera on a phone could execute functions available only on film-making cameras. When I looked at what Cine Effect could do with the older V20 model, the performance was what I largely expected.”
Kwon became much more confident when LG Electronics developed something called the Crystal Clear Lens. “A Crystal Clear Lens is a component mainly mounted on DSLR cameras,” said senior researcher Kang. “With high visible light transmittance, this type of lens is excellent in producing accurate colors and realistic textures.” Team Manager Kwon said, “It felt like going from plastic goggles to brand-new glasses made with clear glass lenses. That’s when I started to think Cine Effect with the V30 could be a hit.”
Research on Cine Effect gained more momentum, and according to Dexter Studio, the results produced with Cine Effect are comparable to some film making cameras. Director Kang said, “When we showed test reels to a few movie directors, they were amazed. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing was taken with a smartphone.” Kang says that Cine Effect cannot be compared to Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy devices. “Cine Effect is a product that takes cues from professional film making camera brands such as Arri, Alexa.”

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