Dexter of “Along with the Gods” signs on as VFX service provider for the “Arthdal Chronicles” to create a fantasy version of prehistoric civilizations

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Dexter Studio, a VFX/content provider best-known for its work in box office sensation “Along with the Gods,” signed a VFX content service contract worth KRW 8.4 billion for the “Arthdal Chronicles” series produced by Studio Dragon.
“Arthdal Chronicles” is a fantasy drama series scheduled for 2019 on tvN. The storyline offers an extraordinary tale of ancient human civilizations. Starring actors Song Joong-ki, Jang Dong-gun, and Kim Ji-won appear, “Arthdal Chronicles” will be led by Producer Kim Won-seok (previous works: “Signal,” “My Mister”) and written by Kim Yeong-Hyeon and Park Sang-yeon (previous works: “Deep Rooted Tree,” “Six Flying Dragons”).
In particular, “Arthdal Chronicles” is Korea’s first period fantasy drama series to deal with stories of ancient civilizations and countries. Dexter Studio is expected to create realistic versions of these prehistoric societies using its industry-leading VFX technology, which was proven with “Along with the Gods.”
An official at Dexter Studio said, “Thanks to our achievements from the Along with the Gods project, we were able to clearly communicate our technology, which was difficult to do in previous years. With the experience and technology we’ve been able to gather so far, we can make things beyond anyone’s imagination feel extremely realistic.”
In regards to the future growth potential of Dexter Studio, the official added, “Moving forward, we’re hoping to work with Studio Dragon in a wider variety of areas. Both companies are expecting to generate plenty of synergy by utilizing proprietary IP at each company, and investing/producing feature films or drama series in the future. As for the Arthdal Chronicles, we’re negotiating joint-production and investment possibilities with Studio Dragon.”

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