“Along with the Gods” beats “The Host” to become the 4th most successful domestic movie ever in Korea

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According to the KOBIS network (as of January 17), managed by the Korean Film Council, the movie “Along with the Gods” passed “The Host,” becoming the 4th most successful domestic film in Korean box office history. On January 16, it added 95,401 viewers, which pushed the total box office intake of “Along with the Gods” up to 3rd on the all-time box office list.
Since its release on December 20, 2017, “Along with the Gods” has drawn 13,039,675 total viewers to date. Based on official statistics made available by the Korean Film Council, this is more than “The Thieves” (2012, 12,983,330 viewers) and “The Host” (2006, 13,019,740 viewers), which were previously ranked 5th and 4th on the all-time Korean box office list. Including foreign films (“Avatar,” 3rd place), “Along with the Gods” sits in 5th place among the most successful movies released in Korea.
The film tells the story of a dead man and three “afterlife messengers” as the dead man travels through seven levels of hell for 49 days. It’s the latest work of Director Yong-hwa Kim originally based on a web-toon series (also titled “Along with the Gods”) by Joo Ho-min.

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