Dexter Studio – the creator of “Along with the Gods” – looking to gear up for the Chinese VR content market

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Dexter Studio Co., Ltd. (CEO: Kim Yong-hwa) signs distribution contract for VR content in China with global digital content provider Digital Domain Space.

On January 28, Dexter Studio Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Dexter”) announced the signing of its new distribution contract for VR Ride Film “White Rabbit” with global digital content provider Digital Domain Space (subsidiary of Digital Domain). With White Rabbit, Dexter hopes to pave its way deeper into the VR content market in China. Upon White Rabbit’s debut in China, Dexter plans to distribute its own VR content, including “Along with the Gods VR – Escaping Hell,” through the Digital Domain Space.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s new partner, Digital Domain Space, is a subsidiary of the Digital Domain Group. Digital Domain is a Visual Special Effects (VFX) company created in 1993 by James Cameron, who directed the box office hits “Avatar”and “Titanic.” In recent years, Digital Domain has expanded its reach to include VR content. In particular, Digital Domain offers VR content across China through its Luzhou DD Land (immersive VR park) network. Its goal is to open 300 Luzhou DD Land facilities in China, and to explore new global business opportunities moving forward. An official from Dexter stated, “This agreement not only provides consumers in China with a direct opportunity to experience Dexter’s VR content, but also gives both companies a chance to establish a sustainable partnership. Dexter will take advantage of this new arrangement to find new ways of showcasing Dexter’s world-class technology and production to consumers and clients around the world.”

To date, Dexter has been at the forefront of creating the right ecosystem for media content by continuing to produce and supply unique storytelling-type VR content. Dexter has enjoyed great success with productions such as cinematic VR “White Rabbit”, VR toon “Help Me”, VR animation “From the Earth”, VR toon “The Tide 1~4” (based on the web-toon series by Jo Seok), and the “Along with the Gods VR – Escaping Hell” (VR rendition of movie series “Along with the Gods”). Dexter’s rise in the VR industry and the cinematic quality of its productions have not gone unnoticed by pundits and experts in the film industry. Since 2018, Dexter has been officially invited to a number film festivals, including the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, 2018 Cannes International Film Festival, 2018 Swiss Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, 2018 Busan International Film Festival, and 2018 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Moving forward, the company hopes to expand its production from conventional storytelling-type VR content to a wide variety of other formats, such as VR games or walking-type VR content with added interactive and networking features.

Currently, the VR content produced by Dexter can be found on offline platforms, such as the “VR STATION” operated by Hyundai IT&E, “V BUSTERS” inside CGV Yongsan iPark Mall, VR theme park “VRIGHT” operated by KT-GS Retail, and “Virtual Island” operated by Hongbin Network. Dexter’s VR content is also available via online platforms, such as the online gaming platform “STEAM”. With its most recent distribution agreement with Digital Domain Space, Dexter will look to penetrate deeper into the Chinese market and other offline platforms overseas.

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