Dexter Studios to produce VFX for “The Moon,” directed by Kim Yong-hwa… Cosmic universe to continue its expansion

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Visual effects (VFX) and content corporation Dexter Studios (CEO: Kim Wook and Kang Jong-ik) is set to work with director Kim Yong-hwa in his attempt to create a whole new universe.

On May 20, Dexter Studios signed a contract worth KRW 6 billion to supply VFX content for the movie “The Moon” (working title).

The Moon is a science-fiction about a man abandoned alone in space after an accident and another man on Earth looking to bring him home safely. Director Kim Yong-hwa, who sold more than 10 million tickets each for the two movies in the “Along with the Gods” series, will work with Sol Kyung-gu, Doh Kyung-soo (D.O. from EXO), and Kim Hee-ae on his next film.

Dexter Studios, which has been busy building imaginary universes using VFX for movies like “The Wandering Earth” (2019) and “Space Sweepers” (2021), plans to create another immersive, expansive universe by leveraging its own technology and know-how.

Dexter Studios will also use its virtual production studio, currently under construction in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, for its new project. The virtual production studio includes a next-generation immersive content production system that can reduce time and cost while improving post-production quality.

An official from Dexter Studios said, “Using our VFX technology to produce highly complex space sequences really helped us step up our game. For ‘The Moon,’ we expect to present a much more advanced version of our VFX technology to the audience.”

Meanwhile, The Moon will begin filming during the first half of 2021.

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